What can I say about Me? I’m fucking awesome. What? That’s not enough? Ok…I’ll sum it up quickly. My main gig is making Custom Humiliation Videos for guys like you. How do I know what kind of guy you are? You’re here, aren’t you? There is only one reason that you would search Femdom, Humiliation, Goddess, Findom, Dominatrix etc and find yourself here- you have something wrong with your wiring. You like pretty girls to exploit your weakness… your fetish. You want to be humiliated, embarrassed, used and put in your loser place. But that’s ok sweetie. You’ve come to the right place. I love fucking with feeble-minded drooling submissive men. You are all very different but all very much alike at the same time. Oh yeah… Me. I got sidetracked. But then again, who I am depends on you. You may remain anonymous. You may be simply a fan that buys and jerks to My clips. In that case, I remain a mystery to you. Maybe you order custom videos from Me but still no interaction except for that level of engagement. Lot’s of fun, but there it remains- limited. Want to see what else there is to this? Want to test the waters? The best way is to create a Twitter account and “follow” Me. Twitter is awesome if you’ve never tried it. You’ll be as anonymous as you want to be there, so don’t worry. The private messaging is amazing! Plus you’ll be able to publicly comment on My posts of course. Most of My slaves are on Twitter. Some were already active and some I instructed to join. If you want to know who I am then look at Me through their eyes. I might not know everything about them but I know a hell of a lot. I certainly know what makes their cocks hard.
I know their dirty little secrets.

It might be wanting to
be locked in chastity.
It might be wanting to
be turned into a sissy.
Small dicklette losers, foot freaks, cum eating man-whores, ball busting beggars and everything else imaginable want Me to control them. So I do. They spoil Me rotten in the process. It’s not just paypig money slaves that like to spend on Princess. My subs like to make Me happy.
So they do.
I’m fucking mean.
I’m reasonable but I’m fucking mean. That’s ok though…
you want Me to be mean to you.

Why Not Just Watch Porn And Get Your Rocks Off That Way?

I’ll tell you why. With POV Custom Videos, the idea is to immerse yourself into the fantasy that I am right there in front of you. You’re not watching as a passive viewer. You are an active participant. When you request a custom video, you are letting Me in your head. You’re admitting to Me the fucked up shit that turns you on sexually. And it’s not a fantasy about being captain of the football team and fucking all the cheerleaders, is it? It’s more like you’re the towel boy and the dominant bratty cheerleaders fuck you in the ass with their huge strap-ons. Say by chance that really is a fantasy of yours. You don’t go around telling everybody that will listen to you about your twisted fantasy, do you? You don’t tell your best buddy, coworkers, neighbors, the mailman or God forbid the wife or girlfriend! You told Me. Now I know all about the things you are too ashamed to tell anyone else. It’s finally out there. It’s not stuck rattling around trapped in your perverted head anymore. Feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll know everything about you that you want Me to know about you. You might tell Me your real name and your real experiences. The more truthful you are the better the POV style video experience will be for you. It’s fantasy blurred with reality. You’re into humiliation so watching Femdom themed movies gets you all worked up. But soon that’s not enough and you find yourself searching sites for clips of POV style humiliation. You have discovered that a Dominant Woman talking down to you, calling you a loser and a perverted idiot, makes you feel a little light headed. It’s intoxicating. You get swept away for a bit and forget that you’re on your knees, jerking off in front of a computer screen, and not actually at the feet of a Dominant Mistress. When you watch a video that you yourself requested, a video about you, it’s even better. After you splooge all over the place when watching a random humiliation video…poof…all gone. Back to reality. Your secret is safe. Nobody knows what you just did. The experience is very different when I make a video using your name and ridicule you over your fetish. For one thing, the needle on fantasy/reality meter just swung wildly over to the reality side. That is because you revealed the truth about yourself. It takes courage to request a video that reveals the truth about yourself. Nah… it’s not courage. It’s because your horny little brain is on overdrive, making you drip sweat onto your keyboard as you feverishly type away, begging to be humiliated in a particular -only you would understand -extremely personal way. Then sending the payment to Me. Now you just have to wait. Wait for it to be created just for you. It’s exciting. You have just taken the first step to who knows what? Now you’re scared. You have never done anything like this before. Don’t worry…it’s not a bad thing…you like it. You just discovered that being scared because you have given up control over that secret part of your life makes you excited. The realization of what you have done and the anticipation of not knowing exactly what comes next makes your heart race and your cock throb. You just told Me, a complete stranger, something you never told anybody else about. Why? Because you want Me to judge you… shame you. I will. Believe Me, I will. It won’t be pretty. When you jerk off to a random humiliation video from one of My clip sites, it’s a lot of fun. But after you’re done, you get to clean up and go on your merry way. Like jerking off in the shower, it all gets washed away. The feelings of inadequacy and shame are all gone. That’s not the case after you’re done playing with yourself while watching a Custom Request Video from Me. It stays with you. You can’t wash it off. I know all about you. I know who you are. Maybe not your real name but I know how you think. I know what you just did as I was belittling you. Because I was belittling you. Maybe the experience will be too much for you and it will only be a one-time lapse in judgment. But I doubt that. If you order once you will order again. Each time you request a custom video will get closer to revealing your whole truth by divulging more and more pathetic details about your fucked up life so I can crush you. Know that line that teeters between fantasy and reality? You seem to have misplaced it.