Wow! Your very own ultra humiliating custom video! Getting off to random clips is fine and all, but nothing beats a sexy dominant Princess like Me verbally degrading you and sexually taunting you over the truth about yourself. So humiliating! I'll use whatever fucked up information ...I mean ammunition... you choose to tell Me about yourself. I'll fuck with that little pea brain of yours.

Email your request to SheridanSantini@yahoo.com after you read the following-

I know there are certain things that you’ll want Me to include and by all means, tell Me about them. But please… not a full script. Bullet points are much more effective. Whatever though… write what you think you need to and I’ll figure it out. If you really just have to send Me a detailed “script” of your fantasy, make sure you offer a substantial extra tribute when you email Me.


USING YOUR NAME ……………….$50 (just once to start off video has no extra charge)
FOOD ITEMS …………………………..$50 (I’ll have to pick it up so you pay for My time)
DIRTY FEET ……………………………..$100 (clean feet no extra charge)
DICK PICS, BLACKMAIL PICS ….$0 (no extra charge for now as of May 30, 2017 but that will change)
BOOB FLASHING* ………………….$100 (see info below)
BATHTUB FETISH ……………………$100 (non-nude… but if boob flashing is requested then it’s $200 extra)
STRAPON FETISH ……………………$50 (not a lot to see Me wearing a big fake cock lol)
MOBILE 640×480 ……………………$25 (why you’d want to watch on your phone I don’t know)
EXCLUSIVITY FEE …………………….$1000 (This means that I won’t add your video to My clip sites)


Settle down horndogs. Flashing means just that- flashing. I won't be topless but you
will get a peek. How much is up to Me, understand? You fucking better understand.

Email Requests to: SheridanSantini@yahoo.com

In Subject Line Write: Custom Video Request
Use The List Above To Formulate Price
Dear Princess Sheridan,
I would like to order a ten minute custom video. Please use My name a lot. Michael is my name. I have a three inch penis and would like you to ridicule me about that fact. It doesn’t get much bigger when erect… maybe four inches. I have never been able to satisfy a woman properly so they always break up with me. Not that I have had many girlfriends… only two. Please laugh at me and tell me I’m not a real man. Any way you can think of to tell me how you would publicly humiliate me would be great. I’ll leave that up to you. So if I am correct, it will be $100 at $10 a minute for a ten minute video plus $50 for using my name- a total of $150. I eagerly await for your approval. Thank you.

Ready to start typing out your fucked up fantasy? Heart racing, cock hard?
You may want to consider this option. Take a look.

Above are examples of standard style Femdom Custom Clips. By that I mean I'm using My natural surroundings as the setting for whatever suits the theme of the clip... bedroom, living room etc. That's cool... but I have an exciting idea for you to consider... something more personal to make your Custom Clip unique to only you. Check out the video below. I'm using a green-screen as a backdrop. The background you see is a picture that James took of his bedroom and sent to Me so I could make it appear that I was in his house... in his bedroom... on his bed. Buy The Clip Here!

If This Crazy Idea Interests You Then You're Really In Luck Because...

For now- as of May 30th, 2017- I am offering this cool green screen idea at My regular Custom Video prices. As the video to your left will show, if you supply Me with a picture of... well pretty much anything... I can use it as a background for your Custom Video! Mainly the idea is that you send Me a picture of your bedroom or living room or kitchen or bathroom... wherever you'd like to envision Me being situated as I tease you, humiliate you, insult you etc. You know... the stuff that gets you all stiff and drippy and weak for Me. I have also started using this method for humiliating you over your dick-pics and/or pics of your stupid face and for blackmail material too. It's as if I am in front of a movie theatre screen displaying embarrassing crap about you. Don't worry... if you are shy about any material supplied by you to be used in your Custom Video, I will edit it out of My clip stores version- just make sure you let Me know when you order. 

See the white living room and marriage certificate above used as backgrounds? The living room is a stock photo. If you supply Me with a picture but are squeamish about your living room appearing in clip stores, don't worry. I can easily replace it with a similar stock photo but you will have the original custom version with Me seeming to be in your very own living room.  And as you can see, the marriage certificate background is edited to hide the personal info. That's to show you what the original looked like- but of course I didn't "x" out the info for the custom, duh! But for this custom clip's store version I changed the background with a brick wall background just to be sure. You'll be safely anonymous, hiding in the shadows, just like you are now. So then, about ordering your custom clip... 

So... pay Me first if you aren't requesting anything outrageous, (if you think you need to discuss anything first go right ahead) then email Me at SheridanSantini@yahoo.com OR if you'd rather, use the iwantclips.com order form below. You'll notice that iwantclips adds their fee on top, but that's the price you pay for being a chicken, too scared to email Me.