I guess I’d have to say Bitch Boy Yuri is My most loyal and helpful slave I own. He has compiled a list of all of… or almost all of My clips and placed them into their appropriate categories. CLICK HERE to be directed to that site. You see, clip store searches work to a certain extent, but most clips fall into multiple categories. That means if you just love My beautiful ass and want to scoop up all of My clips that feature My beautiful ass, you might be missing out on a lot of clips because some might have a main category of small penis humiliation or blackmail or whatever. Know what I mean? Say you have a nice big cock- you don’t care about SPH- but you sure do love My boobs! Well maybe a certain SPH clip I have available shows off My boobs prominently and they just happen to look better than ever. Using clip store searches might cause you to miss that clip because it’s mainly about SPH. I don’t want you to miss an opportunity to jerk off while drooling over My tits. Maybe you love My super harsh verbal humiliation skills but you wouldn’t know about a really mean one because it’s main category is foot fetish and you’re not a foot fan. So? You’re going to miss out on hearing My sharp tongue break you down and pick you apart because it didn’t show up on the clip store search because the main category was foot fetish? Hell no! The way it works is like this- CLICK HERE then pick your favorite category. The top clips will have that category as the main focus. As you go down the list of that category they will become secondary fetishes that are featured in said clips. So… the same clip might be at the top of one fetish category list and at the bottom of another. It would be very sad for you to miss out on clips that appeal to you but you didn’t know existed!

Does it seem like I’m being helpful? Concerned about your wants and needs? Are you fucking nuts? I want to make sure you become a Princess Sheridan addict. I want you to become a good little clip monkey spending every cent you have on My clips, dummy.

After you mosey on over to the fetish category site, upon clicking on a clip that makes your dick twitch, you will most likely be redirected to My Kinkbomb store. If you prefer to use clips4sale or iwantclips to purchase My videos just type in the title of the clip in their own in-house search box.