My Subs Are The Best Subs Hands Down!

There are two categories- "Teasers"
which are little clip trailers or promos
for My clip sites themselves.
These are created for Me by
some of My luckiest slaves.
It's an honor to work for Me.

The other category is "Humiliating Acts". These are videos My slaves made, filming themselves completing tasks that I ordered and some created independently just to amuse Me! You will want to read their blogs too. Full of confessions, retelling of humiliation chats I've had with them, clip reviews and more. You'll find them under "My Pets". Not only will you find it entertaining (they write so well) but the more you read about the fun they have as My Pets the more you'll want to become one of My Pets too! But that takes time, proven loyalty, and complete devotion to Me.