Click Buttons Below For Awesome Clip Titled "Amazon Wishlist Bitch"

My favorite way of being
spoiled is for you to go to My KINKBOMB Studio and buy a fucking shitload of My clips. Not that I don't like presents...don't get Me wrong...but cash is Queen and that means money in My pocket. Plus you get the benefit of having My videos to jerk off to and the more the better!
BUT I do understand the feeling you get when you buy Me presents...something I can hold and use or wear. You horny little puppies really do like to feel that you did something that makes you a little less loserish in My eyes. It doesn't of course but who am I to turn down your pathetic attempts? The little video to the left puts it in perspective for you but instead of discouraging you from buying Me gifts from My Amazon WishList it makes you want to spoil Me that much more. So watch the clip and get your cock all stiff and drippy then click the button to go to My WishList. Have fun!

Here's A KinkBomb Tribute Widget For Ya! I've already
Told You That My Favorite Way For You To Tribute Me
Is By Purchasing Clips From My KinkBomb Studio,
But Some Of You Financial Domination Losers Just
Aren't Happy Unless You Pay And Get Nothing In Return.

You are such a good subbie... a puppy... a horny loser that spoils his Princess all the time! I have a little present for you :) It's right here... I just had it... hmmmm...
oh here it is! Ready?

Ready Pay Piggies?
Ready To Cry Like
A Little Bitch? Buy
"Findom Clip Addict"


Click the pretty pink button. After it brings you to PC Game Supply, simply make your purchase of the USA Version of a Karma Koin Card. After your purchase is verified click on "view purchase". From there you can email it to Me at: SheridanSantini@yahoo.com

*You'll see an option to send as gift before purchase but DON'T use that! Wait until your purchase is verified first.

Be sure to write Me a little note in the message section :)

Jerk Off Thinking About Me Spending All That Money!!! Fucking Pathetic PayPig Loser!!!