There are two types of tributes. What? You're thinking one is CASH and the other PRESENTS?
No dumb fuck! Serving Me monetarily with cash and presents and buying ALL MY Femdom Video Clips and praising Me publicly on Twitter and in blogs etc... that's the first type. It's a whole package... worshiping Me and working for Me. Spoiling Me has to be part of it though. That's what My loyal puppies do all the time. Not that I don't remind them that they will never ever in a million years gain enough favor to be considered anything more than a sub, a servant, no matter how hard they spoil Me and promote Me. BUT- I do give them some well deserved attention and I have no intention of ruining them financially. They are steady and consistent and stay relevant year after year. Now then, on the opposite end of the scale you have the pure unadulterated findom fuckers... the pay pigs, the wallet slaves. They live to be rinsed. Financial domination is the only thing that gets them hard. So that's the second type of tribute- the type of tribute that fucks up your life time and time again. This type of tribute involves you maxing out your credit card with a cash payment to Me with complete disregard to how you will manage to ever pay it off. That's not important to you and certainly not important to Me. Be forced into bankruptcy. Lose your car, your house, your wife... lose everything for all I care.
I don't care. Pardon the cliche but, I'll be laughing all the way to the bank. What once was yours is now Mine. After I've drained your bank account you will no longer be of any use to Me so don't come begging to serve Me in another capacity. Save that for begging in the street for spare change. It was worth it though... you got to spurt your loser load as I took everything you once had.
Where do YOU fall? Are you a fan that wishes to play a small part by contributing here and there to My lavish lifestyle? Are you one of My loyal subbies (Hi boys) that come back here over and over to spoil Me because it makes you happy to make Me happy? Or are you addicted to financial domination and are here to be used up and thrown away? I guess we'll find out in a minute.

Here's A KinkBomb Tribute Widget For Ya! I've already
Told You That My Favorite Way For You To Tribute Me
Is By Purchasing Clips From My KinkBomb Studio,
But Some Of You Financial Domination Losers Just
Aren't Happy Unless You Pay And Get Nothing In Return.

Here's An iwantclips Tribute Widget! Again...
My Favorite Way For You To Tribute Me
Is By Purchasing Clips From My KinkBomb Studio,
But Who Am I To Deny The Sense Of Purpose
You Feel By Tributing This Way? Go Right Ahead.

You are such a good subbie... a puppy... a horny loser that spoils his Princess all the time! I have a little present for you 🙂 It's right here... I just had it... hmmmm...
oh here it is! Ready?

Ready Pay Piggies?
Ready To Cry Like
A Little Bitch? Buy
"Findom Clip Addict"


Click the pretty pink button. After it brings you to PC Game Supply, simply make your purchase of the USA Version of a Karma Koin Card. After your purchase is verified click on "view purchase". From there you can email it to Me at: SheridanSantini@yahoo.com

*You'll see an option to send as gift before purchase but DON'T use that! Wait until your purchase is verified first.

Be sure to write Me a little note in the message section 🙂

Jerk Off Thinking About Me Spending All That Money!!! Fucking Pathetic PayPig Loser!!!